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Titanium Anodes

Material:Gr1 titanium as substrate, mixed metal oxides coated.
Dimension:Usually customized by your design, drawing or requirement.
Sample size: 100x100mm, 50x50mm. Mesh or sheet.
MMO Coating Types:Pt, Ru, Ir, Ta, Ru-Ir, Ru-Ir-Sn, Ir-Ta, Pt-Ir, PbO2, etc.
Shape:Plate. Other shapes like mesh, tube, bar, wire are also available. Application:For electrolysis.

Product Description:

Product Introduction

Production Method:

Titanium anode is a kind of electro-catalysis electrode in electro-chemistry, which is composed by substrate that is pure titanium and coated that is precious metal oxide.

Three Procedures:

  1. Substrate treatment: it needs to be treated by roughing, cleaning and removing oil, which can increase the compactness of catalytic.

   2. Brushing  Drying

After substrate treatment, it will be proceeded brush coated. The main coated content is platinum group metal, which is a kind of mixed solution.

Then, heat treatment will be going on after drying.

The whole procedure need to be repeated many times. This method is better to form thin oxide catalytic that is lamellar adhere to substrate surface.


Platinum Coated Titanium Anode

Mixed Ir-Ta oxide coated titanium anode

Mixed Ir-Ta oxide coated titanium anode

mixed Ru-Ir oxide coated titanium anode

Mixed Ru-Ir oxide coated titanium anode

PbO2 Titanium Anode

PbO2 Titanium Anode

1, chloride type includes: ruthenium titanium, ruthenium iridium titanium, ruthenium iridium tin titanium and other ruthenium formula coating

Oxygen evolution types include iridium, titanium, high iridium (multiple) and other iridium formulations

Coating thickness: in the range of about 8-12μm

2, special coating: platinum-plated titanium anode, platinum-iridium titanium anode, titanium based lead titanium dioxide anode, tin oxide titanium anode

General coating: ruthenium iridium titanium anode, iridium tantalum titanium anode, ruthenium iridium tin titanium anode, ruthenium titanium anode

3, the number of coating: brush coating process.

4, test piece size: 1mm*100mm*100mm mesh or plate, sample specifications can be customized according to your drawings of plate, mesh, tubular, mesh, components, basket, etc

5, if you have not used titanium anode before, do not know how the effect, or do not know what kind of coating effect is good

Our company can provide a sample of this specification. After a small test, you can choose whether to continue using it or not and which coating to use according to the effect. If any problem is found during the experiment, we will communicate with you to solve it.


Base metal: GR1 GR2 Coating material: Ruo2(Ruthenium dioxide)

Current density range :200mA/cm2 Noble metal content :2 ~6g/m2

Hydrochloric acid content :& LT;20%.Temperature range :& LT;60 ℃. 

Chloride ion content :& LT;50% mg.Pa: 6 ~ 8


Sand Blasting, Acid Washing, Brush Coating

Dimension & Shape

Different dimension and shape is available, or according to client's drawings

Coating Thickness

12micron--mixed precious metal oxide coating

0.5~10micron--platinum coating

Working Equipment

Water ionizer

Water electrolysis

The reaction on the anode and cathode of water electrolysis 

Working PrincipleWorking Principle

H2O=OH- +H+

Cathode: H++e=H2H++2eH2↑2H7O+2e=2OH-+H3 2H++e= H2↑

Anode:4OH-4e=2H3O++O2↑2H2O-4e=4H++O2↑ 4OH-4e=2H2O+O2↑


1) Stable working ability under high current density & Voltage

2) High electrolysis efficiency

3) Stable electrolysis ability

4) High anti-corrosion property

5) The matrix can be recycled and recoated with MMO for reuse

6) Long working life etc.


Water ionizer, alkaline & Acidic water production, deionized water in cosmetic,

disinfection, clean etc.

For sodium hypochlorite disinfecting machine, titanium electrode for spot ozonolysis,

titanium electrode for sewage treatment and cathodic protection.


Carton or plywood case outside, or according to client’s demand


1) Titanium anode also called MMO anode, DSA & Insoluble anode

2) Titanium Cathode also be provided

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