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Company Profile

Company Profile


Baoji Xinjianchuang Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in China Titanium Valley (Qianwei xincheng, Weibin District, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province). It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of titanium alloy raw materials. Our company has a complete titanium metal processing production line. There are 3 smelting/forging/machining workshops, with 3-ton vacuum consumable electric arc furnace, 800-ton hydraulic fast forging machine, 630-ton titanium bar shearing machine, 250-ton rolling mill, 1-ton air hammer, CNC lathe, centerless lathe and other production and processing equipment. The annual output of various titanium rods, titanium wires, titanium forgings, 3D printing titanium alloy consumables and other titanium materials and products is about 900 tons. The company strictly implements ISO9001 and GJB9001 quality management systems. The products are widely used in aerospace, shipbuilding, chemical industry, petroleum , medical, precision instruments and other fields, providing a complete production and supply chain of titanium products for various end customers.

Baoji Chenyuan Metal Materials Co., Ltd. adheres to the production principle of "Strict criterions, Solid Skills". In the context of large-scale manufacturing and large-scale industries, the basic material industry will increasingly tend to be high-end and high-performance, and the material industry is a multi-industry industry. The foundation, one generation of materials and one generation of equipment, so as a new generation of titanium material people, all the staff of our company are committed to improving the craftsmanship, continuously improving the overall quality, and strive to make achievements and contributions in the subdivision field.

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Baoji Chenyuan Metal Material Co., Ltd.

Titanium Sponge

Baoji Chenyuan Metal Material Co., Ltd.

Forging Machine

Baoji Chenyuan Metal Material Co., Ltd.

8T Fast forging press

In 2017, Xinjianchuang added new titanium forging processing equipment, which is located in the standardized titanium plant in qianweixincheng district. The location is strategically located at the core of the "China Titanium Valley". It can better serve the global high-performance metal market through enhanced services and product categories, thereby speeding up delivery.

Baoji Chenyuan Metal Material Co., Ltd.


Baoji Chenyuan Metal Material Co., Ltd.

Rings Rolling

Baoji Chenyuan Metal Material Co., Ltd.


Our company has a strong technical research and development team,has more than 5 senior engineers,3management experts,more than 20 technician and quality professionals.

We have complete production and management system from the new product design, research and development, to melting, forging, rolling, machine, product finishing, physical and chemical inspection analysis, non-destructive testing, measurement control and other complete, systematic rare metal processing production, scientific research system.

Our Certificate:

We always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. They meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in ISO9001, SGS ,TUV guidelines and our stringent quality control system. 

Baoji Chenyuan Metal Material Co., Ltd.

Baoji Chenyuan Metal Material Co., Ltd.

Titanium Disc Flaw Detection

Baoji Chenyuan Metal Material Co., Ltd.

Titanium Bar Flaw Detection

Baoji Chenyuan Metal Material Co., Ltd.

Titanium Ring Flaw Detection

Baoji Chenyuan Metal Material Co., Ltd.

Titanium Ring Flaw Detection

Today, Xinjianchuang Metal service more than 300 customers in 23 countries/regions, supporting industries such as commercial aviation, defense and aerospace, oil and gas, racing, medical, chemical, vacuum coating, and many other industries.

Our Customers:

Xinjianchuang metal by virtue of excellent product quality by well-known research institutes and enterprises and institutions recognizedand reached long-term cooperation.

Baoji Chenyuan Metal Material Co., Ltd.

Our Service :

A: Pre-sale Support

Professional knowledge and technical consultation on titanium products, Titanium products professional customization consulting. We have professional customer service staff and technical personnel to answer any questions for you at any time. 

B: Order tracking Service

Our principle : on-time delivery, high-performance quality and considerate service.At the same time, we keep the production process monitoring documents for at least 5 years.   

C: After-sale Support

Once the product is used, we will track the detailed usage of the product, and we will provide a full range of industry solutions and answer any questions at any time.

Our Packaging: 

The product is surrounded by foam cushion, and the outer packing is packed in wooden cases. We support professional export packaging.

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+86 18791979989

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