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Titanium Sputtering Target

1. Round target: Ø30--2000mm, thickness 3.0mm--300mm;
2. Plate Targe: Length: 200-500mm Width:100-230mm Thickness:3--40mm
3. Tube target: Dia:30-200mm Thickness:5-20mm Length:500-2000mm
4. Customized is available

Product Description:

Product Introduction

Titanium sputtering target is a titanium product made of metal titanium, which is used for sputtering coating to produce titanium thin film.

Product Introduction

Titanium Sputtering target Size

1. Round target: Ø30--2000mm, thickness 3.0mm--300mm;2. Plate Targe: Length: 200-500mm Width:100-230mm Thickness:3--40mm3. Tube target: Dia:30-200mm Thickness:5-20mm Length:500-2000mm4. Customized is available


Titanium (Gr1, Gr2, Gr5, Gr7,GR12)     Alloy target: Ti-Al, Ti-Cr, Ti-Zr etc


99.5%,99.95%, 99.98% 9999 metal shooting pvd titanium alloy sputtering targets


ISO 9001:2015 & Weapons and equipment quality management system certification


Vacuum Melting, Patented thermo-mechanical process


Round target,Tube target,Flat target, according to your request


Semiconductor separation, Film coating materials, Storage Electrode coating

Titanium Sputtering target1.jpg

Tube target

Titanium Sputtering target3.jpg

Round target

Titanium Sputtering target2.jpg

Plate target

The main performance requirements of the Sputtering Target are as follows:

· Purity

Purity is one of the main performance indicators of targets. Baoji Xinjianchuang Metal provides high-purity (99.9%-99.995%) titanium sputtering targets, and provides complete metal target solutions for many customers in more than 10 countries around the world.

· Density

In order to reduce the pores in the target solid and improve the performance of the sputtered film, the target is usually required to have a higher density.

· Influence of target purity and material uniformity

The purity of the sputtering target has a great influence on the properties of the deposited films. The higher the purity of the target material, the better the performance of the coating. The impurity content in the target should be reduced as much as possible, the pollution source of the sputtered film should be reduced, and the uniformity of the film should be improved.

titanium sputtering target5.jpg

Preparation process flow of titanium sputtering target:

Material preparation-Electron beam melting-Chemical analysis-Forging-Rolling-Annealing-Metallographic inspection-Machining-Dimensional inspection-Cleaning-Final inspection-Packaging

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